Quality of Life


  • Suburban and rural settings
  • Full-range of housing choices
  • Colonial and Civil War sites
  • Short drives to rivers, lakes and ocean
  • Active arts and humanities


From suburban to rural, from historic to modern, the Fredericksburg Region offers those who live here a wide range of choices: choices in where to shop and where to dine, choices in recreation and culture, choices in the setting of your home. In the City of Fredericksburg, historic beauty meets modern metropolitan opportunity to create a lively city landscape unlike any other. In our suburban areas, the range of options in homes includes everything from exclusive gated communities to entry-level homes to townhouses, cluster homes, and apartment complexes. A little further out, the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers offer beautiful waterfront properties, with the perfect blend of privacy and accessibility. And for those who would like a rural lifestyle, former farm homes with extensive surrounding acreage are available in many areas of the Region. Despite their variety, all these homes share one very important trait: affordability. Housing costs in the Fredericksburg Region are significantly less than in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC, area, and the Region’s property taxes are likewise comparatively low. Visit the Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors Website for more information.


The abundance of natural beauty in and near the Fredericksburg Region belies its proximity to the Washington, DC, and Richmond metropolitan areas. The Region is home to Lake Anna, one of Virginia’s largest lakes and a renowned state park, and just a short drive outside the Region are a number of other places known for their natural beauty and recreational opportunities, including the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean.


The Fredericksburg Region lays claim to a rich and distinguished historical heritage. The City of Fredericksburg, which traditionally served as the trading and financial center of the Region, is today one of the nation’s most beautiful historic attractions. Four major Civil War battles took place in the Region — their sites, which cover more than 5,200 acres, are among the modern-day Region’s most popular historic attractions.