Educational resources


  • Provides accurate, timely and customized information
  • Tracks, quantifies and presents regional economic data
  • Identifies trends affecting the business climate

Supporting existing industry in the Fredericksburg Region is vital to healthy economic growth and is an important component of the Alliance’s economic development strategy. Up to 80% of all new jobs are created by existing businesses and the Alliance stands ready to assist local firms as they expand within the Region.  Our team partners with local business leaders, local governments, and higher education institutions, to provide accurate, timely, and customized information vital to companies looking to compete and grow.

The Alliance tracks, quantifies, and presents to the local community regional economic data in order to identify trends affecting the regional business climate. This research as well as private and public sector input is incorporated in the Alliance’s recruitment strategy, which is designed to recruit companies that would strengthen and expand local industry clusters and increase employment opportunities for the region’s citizens.